My name is Anders, and I am a philosopher by training, with an MA in philosophy from the University of Oslo, and I am currently completing a Phd in bioethics and IPR at the University of Twente.

I´ve been interested in philosophy and the big questions in life since childhood, and despite any sensible advice to the contrary, I chose it as my life path.

How can philosophical training help me help you? In spite of many preconceptions about philosophy, it fundamentally rewires your brain to reflect on assumptions and develop skills in analyzing systems of thought and knowledge that are relevant for almost all walks of life, particularly in this knowledge-based economy. If you are an innovator, scientists, CEO or maybe just in a particularly difficult situation, using philosophical methodology may speed up your decision-making by doing something counter-intuitive: slowing down. In practice, this means finding ways to detatch from your current way of thinking of a situation and looking at it from a new, maybe contrary position.

By night, I am offering philosophical coaching with emphasis on choice making. Why should you develop your choice making skills? There´s a short and a long answer to this. The longer answers will be the subject of a series of posts on this blog.

The short answer could be summed up in three points:

  1. It makes you more effective, thus saving you time and money (and maybe also subsequent suffering).
  2. It forces you to examine your unexamined assumptions and beliefs (which are not knowledge, and not facts)
  3. It cultivates the holy grail of any high performer: meta-knowledge

There´s a lot more to be said, but it all starts with learning how to ask uncomfortable questions, which I may help you with; questions that may help you reflect, analyze and percieve your particular situation in a new light.

As an experiment, I am offering 30 min. coaching sessions on how to make better choices and resolve dilemmas for free. If you are interested, contact me below and schedule a session on skype.

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If you are so inclined, please donate a small token as you see fit.

Thinking deeper is about building a habit of thinking differently.

More information about my method is coming soon…

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